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SONIK magazine, issue 54 (January 2010)
The 50 best greek albums of the 00s as voted by the editors of SONIK

#4, #24
"...after "Trypes" it is perhaps the only case of a Greek band that evolves from something passionately cacophonous and by nature inartistic in something unspecified and virtually influential on the Greek alternative sound, in more dimensions than in the case of "Trypes" and with an attitude to disrupt its established aesthetic."
[Aris Karambeazis]
[edited section from the article (p. 49, 51)]

STEREOWORLD online magazine
Local Beats #002 (The 30 recording impacts that touched me most coming from the domestic music production...)
[Panagiotis Stathopoulos]

"The best greek-speaking band of the zeroes."
[see the list]

NEWSTIME online newspaper
"Off-keys and diamonds" of 2009 Music (some "essential" albums of 2009 we will regret to forget for various reasons)
[Evdokia Preka]

LiFO newspaper, issue 185 (24 December 2009)
GREEK ALTERNATIVE: The 15 «different» names who marked the greek music of the '00s
[M. Hulot]

"From the beginning, with the independent «If all ever ended here», the very good «Cheap pop for the elite» that followed in EMI and connected them to a bigger audience, and up to the latest masterful «The whole truth about the children of '78» which continued slyly the work they started in 2003, Kore. Ydro. remain the same deliberately melodramatic and one of the constant values of the '00s."
[see the section
[see the whole list]

AvopolisGreek (AVOPOLIS online magazine)
The best greek albums of 2009, as voted by Avopolis Greek!

SONIK magazine, issue 53 (December 2009)

Greek Bloggers for the Best Albums of the Zeroes

#16 (universally)
[see the list 20-01]

Greek Bloggers for the Best Albums of 2009

#26 (universally)
[see the list 40-21]

MiC online magazine
Zeroes: The 30 best greek albums

#7, #29
[see the feature]

End of the '00s: The Greeks

"Maybe it's the album that emotionally opens a hole and without realising it, throws inside whatever you ask. Unusual and disturbing. Incredible and magical."
[see the list | see a screen capture]

AvopolisGreek (AVOPOLIS online magazine)
2000-2009: The best albums of the decade, as voted by Avopolis Greek!

"A single case from regional Corfu, Kore Ydro were children of their time - in terms of flirting with the alternative Anglo-Saxon sound - although they advanced more than any other of their fellow travelers, as they were focused on the successful integration of Greek lyrics in that environment. The fourth place in the list came to seal their daring."
[Alexis Voukalis]
[see the lists: 1-25 | 26-50 | see a screen capture]
"In Kore Ydro on the other hand what stands out above all is their intense, edgy and deeply Greek word. Combined with a perfectly played but quite impossible to describe music and a voice somewhere between tragedy and sarcasm, Kore Ydro is the most strangely charming band of the decade. Cheap Pop For The Elite is found in the 4th place, as the album that made them widely known. A true revelation!"
[read the article]

LiFO newspaper, issue 194 (02 July 2009)
[Despoina Trivoli]

[see the section]
STAR WAR (monthly airplay RODON FM) [April 2009 (#1)]

MiC online magazine
Eleven Electric: 11 moments that can electrify you
[Tasos Patokos]

"The dense guitar grid, the lyrics, the performance - combined with the whole aura of the track, the aggression in the complaint and the sobbing emptying, constitute the most exciting two minutes of music, heard last year in any album." (for «Now that I do not Have Anyone»)
[see the list]

SONIK magazine, issue 24 (January 2007)
[Aris Karabeazis, Tasos Papaioannou]

LIFO newspaper, issue 49 (28 December 2006)
The Influentials - Those who influence Athens everyday life right now

[see the section]
MiC online magazine
2006 : The best
[Babis Argyriou (publisher), Antonis Xagas, Thanos Stavrianakis, Aris Karabeazis, Tasos Patokos]

[see the feature]
Giannis Petridis radio show Apo tis 4 stis 5 (ΝΕΤ 105.8, 29 December 2006)
TRANZISTOR online magazine
2006 Greek review
[Aggelos K.
(senior editor)]

[see the feature]
POP+ROCK magazine, Νο 330 (January 2007)
SONIK magazine, issue 22 (November 2006)
Journey in the greek alternative pop/rock scene from the 80s to today
[Aris Karabeazis]
"As soon as Kore. Ydro. ceased to be Corfu’s underground musical achievement, a wider audience had the privilege to go through an aesthetic shock proportional with what the first eye-witnesses experienced seeing live 'Trypes' in "Selini" in the mid-80s."
"The most important greek album of the decade until today."

[see the section]

STAR WAR (monthly airplay RODON FM) [December 2006 (#2)]
[February 2006 (#2)]

[all the months]

AVOPOLIS online magazine
The 30+1 best greek songs of 2003

[see the list]
AVOPOLIS online magazine
2003 FEATURE: The greek list! - The best greek albums of the year

[see the lists: 01-10 | 11-20]
AVOPOLIS online magazine
2003 FEATURE: The individual lists of the team!

[Tasos Vogiatzis, Panagiotis Kondylis, Michalis Michos, Manos Mpouras, Elias Pyknadas, Konstantinos Tsavalos]

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ATRAKTOS online magazine
THE BEST ALBUMS OF 2003 FOR ATRAKTOS.NET > Kyriakos Skordas suggests > Immortal greek rock soul
[Kyriakos Skordas

[see the list (middle of the page)]