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The Whole Truth about the Childen of '78

ATRAKTOS online magazine, 07 October 2009
[Tasos Filopoulos]
" an album to haunt your thoughts, to lie in bed beside you and to hug you. There is its truth, in the company it provides..." [full review] online newspaper (03 October 2009)
[Georgia Laimou]
"Personally, what I enjoyed most in this album are the various solos of the musical instruments (alto saxophone and piano), the good sound of the cellos, violins and the beautiful wind instruments as well as the smoothness of tracks like "Here they talk about worship, for example. What "turned me away" from the listening is the voice of P.E. Dimitriadis, which is not consistent (literally) with the said and played. Generally, however, I must say that as pop, this is very good and "worried" one. [full review]

HiTECH magazine [M3 REVIEW inset], July-August 2009
[Spyros Alexopoulos?]
"[...] the 15 songs of The Whole Truth About the Children of '78 [, as they] are left without a fight in a stream of love grief which erodes and benumbs them, while the strong electric component of the past -the one that enabled purgatorial escalations and escapes- is now absent thanks to a more artsy, but monotonous profile" (**/*****) [full review]

ARISTERA! newspaper, issue 268 (05 June 2009)
"Dark and brutal lyrics that differ enough from the standards of the Greek-speaking scene and give the atmosphere of the Greek province, and sound that combines influences from Hadjidakis and the '80s (Smiths, etc.) in a work with the always particular aesthetics of Kore. Ydro." [full review]

SONIK magazine, #48 (June 2009)
[Aris Karabeazis]
"Fifteen and one songs, held in wait by their creators, so as no stormy rock outbreaks and covers their Truth . Dude, stay away from the hits say to each other, as they deliver to fans an album that it will take time to understand and love. [...] Movingly insidious, you will almost hide when you will start to really enjoy it." (!!!!/!!!!!) [full review]

AVOPOLIS online magazine, 12 June 2009
[Dionysis Kottaridis]
"The Whole truth about the Children of '78 is a transitional album, an album of adulthood and other evolutionary forces. It stands at a significant cut of the route, fighting to throw off weights and find non-canned outlets in the endless indie production line. Alas if it is the end of the journey..." (***/*****) [full review]

ATHINORAMA magazine, 11-17 June 2009
[Argiris Zilos]
"Without the dense electric coating, they directly expose their wounds - and they stand up lyrically intact even if love grinds them. [...] A ball of contradictions the edge of which you will never isolate and which, precisely, drags you to get dressed as an artist and not e.g. as an advertiser." (****/*****) [full review]

FREE magazine (June 2009)
[Fotis Valatos]
"If God existed, this would be the album of the decade"
[full review]

ATHENS VOICE newspaper, 27 May 2009
[Makis Milatos]
"Cheap pop for the elite is converted to an album of adulthood, melancholy, bitter conclusions, sexual confusion, faith and poetic mood." (***/*****) [full review] online magazine, 20 May 2009
[Vasilis Salakos]
"Beautiful sound I admit, but with a few different orchestrations: since a record must have an acoustic modulation, a change is needed if not in the musical instruments and their sound, in the way they are used in orchestration, the whole matter might have been more interesting." [full review]

MiC online magazine, issue ? (20 May 2009)
[Panos Panotas]
"I keep from this cd three just restless and powerful tracks and I hope these children overcome soon this traplike phase, rewrite like youths and rediscover the immediacy. And find it with all its mistakes." (6,5/10) [full review]

POP+ROCK magazine, issue 341 / DIFONO magazine, issue 161 (May 2009)
[Thodoris Kanellopoulos]

"After the departure of all session musicians who worked for the realization of Cheap Pop and the live performances that followed, Kore. Ydro. with their key members only, this time completely change their sound." / "A true masterpiece that with multiple listens shows its dynamics and greatness." [full reviews: POP+ROCK | DIFONO]

PING PONG RADIO online magazine, 11 May 2009
[Panagiotis Stathopoulos]
"The conclusion one draws after contact with this work, is that these Corfiots persist in their tactic not to adhere to musical trends and ruminate commercial styles." [full review] online magazine, 07 May 2009
[Vasilis Salakos]

"Kore. Ydro.'s strength in my opinion is their music. This is obvious in The whole truth about the children of '78. The new album is in the style we have used, which means a variety of music pursuits, melancholic and adventurous compositions and intense, introverted lyrics. An album more mature and concise than the previous ones, as well as more difficult." [full review (search: "")]

LIFO newspaper, 156 (07 May 2009)
[M. Hulot]

" is their best work so far, with more personal lyrics that crimper, familiar melodies, orchestrations reminiscent of Hadjinasios and tracks that 30 years ago would have been hits. An enjoyable Greek album in every respect." (****/*****) [full review]

Cheap Pop for the Elite

METAL DEFIANCE fanzine, #14
[Alx Belfegor]
"KORE. YDRO. is a collective of people with incredible musical and intellectual pursuits, who are not afraid to launch the whole aesthetics of an artistic release many steps above anything usual and established." [full review]

MiC online magazine, issue 714 (19 Jun 2006)
[Babis Argyriou]
"...they leave you on a positive and optimistic note, a rare thing for a Greek-singing group. The conditions of province under which they create make it a double win. The Paxos sun [lyric quote from a song] apparently has produced its marvel." (8/10) [full review]

AVOPOLIS online magazine, 05.06.2006
| SONIC magazine, issue 18 (June 2006)
[Christianna Finne]
"The first listen may leave you baffled, however, after the second listen the incorporation in the elite will become something more than necessary, because the sentiment that it will leave you will be unprecedented, perhaps because it will take you somewhere that you did not have the courage to dream that you can go." (****/***** | ****/*****) [full review | full review (with the addition of one star)]

ELLE magazine, June 2006
[P. Pavlidis]
"It is one of the few times that the Greek province produces such a sophisticated, in lyrics and music, pop-rock group." (9/10) [full review]

ICHOS (SOUND) magazine [MUSIC BANK section], #398 (May 2006)
[Manos Mpouras]

"In some way they bring in mind Manos Hadjidakis. They are forward-looking and open-minded as him, but with an absolutely personal and modern vision." (^^^^/^^^^^) [full review]

TRANZISTOR online magazine, 03 May 2006
[Angelos K.]
"Kore. Ydro. do what others havent dared so many years in greek-singing rock. With DIY + ambition, as themselves declare, they celebrate with devotion the memorial service on the inanimate body of the greek-singing rock scene and they take the confirmation as its new kings." [full review]

newspaper [VIVLIODROMIO - IDEES inset], number 18.527, Weekend 29-30 Apr 2006
[Chari Pontida]

"A combination of dirty sound, distortion, electronic experimentations and lyrical melodies, but (mainly) intense perfume of distinctive identity (from the opening track)." [full review]
HiTECH magazine [M3 REVIEW inset, issue 33], May 2006
[Spiros Alexopoulos]
"Eclectic electric pop vision, product of education, a variety of hearings and aptitude for experimentation. [...] Lyrics that give their own parallel fight in the same field so as to share in the end along with composition and interpretation the winner's podium." (***/*****) [full review]

PENTHOUSE magazine, issue 88 (May 2006)
[Dimitris Kladis]

"The most intelligent, romantic, powerful, sincere, enjoyable [album] I have ever heard. You will adore it..." (8,5/10) [full review]
SIGNATURE EXCLUSIVE magazine by Diners (spring 2006)
[Fotis Valatos]
"Haunted by the great musical legacy of Corfu, but simultaneously completely west-oriented, swims in the oceans of melancholic lo-fi New York scene with lyrics surrealistically erotic and multilayered compositions that give it the title of one of the most important Greek-sung pop albums." [full review]

DIFONO magazine, issue 127 (April 2006)
[Michalis Papamakarios]

"From the vocals and the playing to the lyrics, all strike deliberately pretentious [...] With "Cheap Pop for the Elite" Kore. Ydro. are pending between a band of student amphitheatres and a group of studied pop aesthetics, which tries hard to be distinguished, as this is an end in itself." [full review] online newspaper (7 Apr 2006)
[Georgia Laimou]
"Exceptional... out-of-the way verses (with attitude), a strange glance that sees things sidelong (as each artist who respects his eyes should do) and a poetic mood that is in a shooting frenzy, careless for who gets hit by its lyrical bullets.*" [full review]

POP+ROCK magazine, issue 321 (April 2006)
[Dimitris Argiropoulos]
"The collective continues in the same lyrical and at points melodramatic pattern with their, also a home production, debut without deviating from its aesthetics, only that now the result is more completed." (8/10) [full review]

ATHINORAMA magazine, 6-13 Apr 2006
[Argiris Zilos]

"...they bring chaos to the cafe stupidity of the Greek song." (****/*****) [full review]

ESQUIRE magazine, March 2006
"Apart from deserving a bow for the choice of the title, they put (horn-rimmed) spectacles to the corresponding bands from Illinois, Portland, Orlando or Nebraska who sell their neo-folk scenes all over the world. And yes they sing in Greek and they are from Corfu." (4/5)

ATHENS VOICE newspaper, 23 Mar 2006
[Makis Milatos]
"A collective from Corfu produces cool, fresh and intelligent pop, mainly based on the '80s and '90s guitar sounds with progressive and post rock references being present, while their lyrics are heard contemporary, they have humour and clever ideas." (***/*****) [full review]

APOGEVMATINI newspaper, 18 Mar 2006
[Dora Amarantidou]
"The group "Kore. Ydro." released an exceptional album titled "Cheap pop for the elite", with music that exceeds Greek limits and touches upon progressive rock, with the sound of keys being dominant." [full review]

PONTIKI newspaper, 16 Mar 2006
"A very appealing LP that, compared with the usual output of the Greek musical reality, is even heard as important, because the single-eyed reigns among the blinds." [full review]

ELECTROWAVE online magazine, 26 Feb 2006
[ntonis Livanis]
"KY are almost alone in the field, but instead of this knowledge to detensify them (while it is certain they are aware), they are transformed into the ideal self-competitor, exceeding their initial personal past conquests.*"(8/10) [full review]

*adaptation by: Archimedes Asteriou

If All Ever Ended Here

OVERDUB fanzine, spring 2005
[Christos Karras]
"If All Ever Ended Here embodies rock music with a line of experimental artifices in the production, with Hadjidakis melodies, with bold guitar distortions that evoke surprise and embarrassment and with string additions that sweetens the set. The second big surprise has to do with the lyrics..." [full review]

METRO magazine, issue 98 (January 2004)
[Apostolis Kaparoudakis]
"An album that when it sounds raw indicates us that the more we are flooded with the homogenization of contemporary Greek music, the more unexpected and sharp its differences will appear." [full review]

AVOPOLIS online magazine, 09 Dec 2003
[Manos ouras]
"The album is like a dream, in which you are lost, so peculiar and unfamiliar that you don't want to abandon. Live it!" (***/*****) [full review]

DIFONO magazine, issue 99 (December 2003)
[Alekos Papadopoulos]
"Kore. Ydro. means to declare your presence in the world through a music that bridges romantic depression with nightmarish paranoia, knowing how close the two are, using for that an almost unprecedented straight method of acoustic instrumentation and fragile performance, together with desperate electronic noises." [full review]

ATHINORAMA magazine, 14-20 Nov 2003
[Argiris Zilos]
"I feel that onstage the four Corfiots with the unbelievable name will give a more drastic vent so much to their occasionally stormy electric forms, as to their vivid romanticism, which, although not negligible in melodic quality, it needs work in terms of artistic expression." (**/*****)

INROCK magazine, issue 97 (summer 2003)
[Apostolis Mpasiakouras]
"It may be the only band in Greece that combines so many influences together and with great success too. [...] Pay attention to this band. It has perspective for great things in the future." [full review]

ROCK+ROLL magazine, issue 287 (June 2003)
[Maro Aggelopoulou]
"Lo-fi, jazz, underground rock (most obvious the Velvet Underground influence), to the musical elements of Manos Hadjidakis are blended together in the compositional mixer of the Corfiots Kore. Ydro." (6/10) [full review]

ATRAKTOS online magazine, 27 May 2003
[Christos Arvanitidis]
"The musicians from Corfu, in this first album of theirs, declare for once more that good and worth-listening-to music can be created far from the maculate music centers of the well-dressed producers. Because, fortunately, good artistic creation doesnt need centers to flourish and, for our good luck, nothing ends here!" [full review]

I AVGI newspaper, issue 8,731 (24 May 2003)
[Sakis Mandjanas]
"A pluralistic and complicated music that cannot be given any other definition than contemporary, though its roots are of course in rock, as well as multi-instrumental flexibility and a true poetic mood in the lyrics consist an unexpectedly mature and complete work." [full review]

MIC online magazine, issue 418 (19 May 2003)
[Panos Panotas]
"These four Corfiots have managed to surprise here, with a body of material that [...] talks a bold, organized and, wherever necessary, electrified language, which is mixed with terms of loneliness, everyday stress, love, friendship, occasionally peculiarity, without any other access passwords besides the autobiographic, human feelings. Thats why we feel it so real." (8/10) [full review]

ROCK magazine, issue 3 (May 2003)
[Dimitris Seirinakis]
"[Kore. Ydro.] play rock with attitude, distinctive style, well-processed lyrics, very good sound and production and (most important) with a lot of emotion. [...] For the rest (who consider rock releases their priority), they won't find anything better today." (7,5/10) [full review]