K. Y. 1994-2001

However much you try,
you don't turn time...

Products of an unsaturated tendency to record teenage seizures and inexhaustible school humor and extremities and a simultaneous unsuccessful attempt of imitation of early musical patterns of the band, the (pre)historic creations of Kore. Ydro., which bred in a few dozen copies and circulated from hand to hand for a payment, constitute rare monuments of recorded music (or, if you prefer, para-music) and speech (or, if you prefer, para-speech) produced with the poorest means and recorded with virtually non-existent studio equipment, which nevertheless did not hesitate to be put before the public and critics, and even in the form of integrated "albums" (the designation «demo» was never used, as derogatory, by the band members) together with (mostly handmade) artworks, that the majority of officially recording identical bands of the so-called "independent" scene which had flooded that period Greek discography would envy.
In a stubbornly incurable coexistence of uncompromising tendencies for diversification and originality, excess playfulness and uncontrolled self-destruction, challenging causticity and blatant self-satisfaction, with rare for the Greek underground spontaneous "artistic" consistency and productivity, the praises of eternal immaturity, narcissistic home "ανο(η)σιουργήματα" (recordings) of the first period of Kore. Ydro., with each listen are repelled even from the most "extreme" classification labels of modern «pop» music.

[The partially differential current line-up and the chasmic artistic distance from the work of the first period in no way caused what could give rise to thoughts of leaving the original name of the band, as the driving philosophy remains -mutatis mutandis (in regards to age basically)- the same as in the past, the links with which, as an essential start of something utopianly "determined" to become big out of nothing, but also as a self-conscious influence, are visible to close observers in almost any current activity of Kore. Ydro.]


The first period of Kore. Ydro. had also been very productive in "home" video material, proportionally to the great volume of recordings of that period. Products of hard-core cult aesthetics, exclusively justified by a combination of uncompromising pop culture and inexhaustible mood for game, sixteen (16) «clio-bli-clits» of the first period see for the first time the limelight.


Photo album

First period Kore. Ydro. made one single official live performance, but it was enough to mark the life of those who attended. The sworn friend and fan of the band (only during that period), music journalist and specialist in «orphan albums», Terence Flipp, had written then:

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Terence Flipp